Veteran's related exemptions

$5,000 Veteran's Disability Exemption

A current or former military veteran that is a permanent Florida resident and has a service connected disability of 10% or more may qualify for an additional exemption. You must apply for the exemption by March 1st and supply proof of the service connected disability from the Department of Veteran's Affairs.

$5,000 Disabled Veteran's Application

Service connected Total and Permanent Disability

A veteran who is a Florida resident, was honorably discharged, and has a total and permanent service connected disability may be entitled to a total exemption of taxes. A deceased qualifying veteran's spouse may also be entitled to the exemption. An application for the exemption must be made by March 1st and proof of the total and permanent service connected disability from the Department of Veteran's Affairs must be provided.

Total and Permanent Service Connected Disability Application

Deployed Military Exemption

This exemption applies to certain members of the military who currently receive a homestead exemption and have been deployed to selected areas of operation outside the continental United States, Alaska, or Hawaii in in the previous year in support of military operations. The exemption amount is determined by the time of the deployment in the prior calendary year. The percentage is calculated as the number of days during the previous calendar year the person was deployed on active duty divided by the number of days in that calendar year. Please call our office for more information.

DR-501M Deployed Military Application

Veterans age 65 and older with a combat related disbility

Florida Statutes 196.082. A veteran who is age 65 or older and is partially or totally permanently disabled shall receive a discount from the amount of the ad valorem tax on their homestead property if

  • The disbility was combat-related.
  • The veteran was honorably discharged upon separation from the military service.
DR-501DV 65 and older combat related disability