Additional Senior Exemption

Property owners who are 65 years of age as of January 1st and also meet the Homestead Exemption requirements may qualify for an Additional Senior Exemption if they meet the household income limitation. The annual household income limitation is "Adjusted Gross Income" as defined by the Internal Revenue Code. This income limitation is adjusted annually for cost of living changes. Due to the income limitation, this exemption must be applied for annually by March 1st and your proof of income must be supplied to us no later than June 1st.

This exemption was adopted by the City of Macclenny and the Board of County Commissioners. If granted, you would receive up to an additional $50,000 exemption on these two taxing authorities. If you should have any questions regarding this exemption please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Proof of Income

If you file an Income tax return, you must provide it as proof of your income. You must provide tax returns for everyone living in your household. Adjusted gross income from form 1040 will be used for qualification purposes.

If you do not file Income tax returns, please submit your most recent SSA 1099 as well as any other additional sources of income you may have.

Additional Senior Application