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Data Last Updated: 6/10/2024

Search Tips

This form allows you to perform a custom search of our tax roll records. The more input you enter into the form, the more the results will be narrowed. By entering less search criteria, you will receive more results. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions in using this search tool.

Parcel Number

You can search by parcel number with or without dashes. If you only know a portion of a Parcel Number, that would be accepted as well.

Owner's Name

Enter the owner's name. You may enter last name only or last name and first name. The data can be entered with or without a comma such as (lastname, firstname) or (lastname firstname)

Site Address

You can enter a complete address such as (123 Main St) or you can enter the street numbers or street name by itself. City, State, and Zip are not accepted.

Property Use Type

Property use codes and land use codes listed on the tax roll are established pursuant to Florida law and reflect the actual use of the property as of the January 1 assessment date each year. By selecting a property use code in the form, it will narrow your results to include only properties that are listed with that specific Use Code.

Sec, Twp, Rng

You may enter in a Section, Township, or Range to narrow your results to these specified areas. It is a two digit field (i.e. 06-3s-22 would be entered as 06 3S 22


Select parcels based upon their total acreage. You may enter data as an integer or decimal.

Building Square Footage

You may narrow your results based upon the parcel's primary building square footage. For parcels with multiple buildings, the query is only ran against what we have set as the primary building. The square footage that is search is effective square footage which includes 100% of finished living areas and lower percentages of other unfinished sub-areas.

Building Year Built

By entering data in one of these fields, you are running a search upon the year built of a parcel's primary building. The data entered may include a comma.