About Our Office

The Property Appraiser's Office has many duties. Our 3 primary functions are:

  • Establish the value of all property in Baker County annually including more than 12,000 real estate parcels
  • Review and apply exemptions, assessment limitations, and classifications that may reduce a property's taxable value
  • Maintain accurate ownership records and assessment maps

Contrary to common belief, the Property Appraiser does not determine the amount of taxes each property owner pays. The Property Appraiser and staff are statutorily charged with placing fair market values on each property in Baker County. These values are then used by the taxing authorities (including the County Commission, School Board, St. Johns River Water Management district, Suwannee River Management, Baker County Hospital Authority, and City of Macclenny) as a base for setting the millage rate. The millage rates provide for the total taxes needed by all authorities. Subsequently, taxes go up or down as a result of millage rates set by the taxing authorities.

Our office also keeps an extensive property record information system that is available to the public. This includes recent property sales/transcations, ownership records, and mapping records including boundaries, dimensions, etc.