Report Homestead Fraud

Homestead Exemption is a benefit for permanent Florida residents and should not be abused. If you believe someone is claiming Homestead Exemption and is not entitled to it, please contact our office as soon as possible by telephone or by using this web form. You may remain anonomous if you prefer by leaving your information blank when submitting this form.

It is important to note that all values and exemptions are as of January 1st so if someone moved or started renting their home after January 1st they would be entitled to receive the exemption for that tax year. Even when a homeowner sells their property during the year, the exemption will not be removed until the following tax year as long as that was used as their primary residence as of January 1st.

Florida law takes Homestead Fraud very seriously by allowing the Property Appraiser to place a lien upon the property, back tax for up to 10 years (with a 50% penalty for each year), as well as paying 15% interest per annum. FS 193.155(10)  FS 196.161